Yes, we can make stones to specific specifications or to match an existing stone that you may have already seen. Let us know what kind of stone you would like (pictures help if the stone already exists) and we can quote you for what you would like.

Yes, we can make a 2D layout for you with the type of stone and/or inscription on it to give you an idea of how your stone will look.

Yes, we already have many designs which can be put onto your stone, however if you have your own custom design/image that you would like we can etch it onto the stone provided we have an image of what you are looking for.

Yes, this is included in the price of the memorial.

Unfortunately, some cemeteries/churchyards have rules and regulations of what materials can be used on their grounds. However, we can advise you on what materials are best to use and where.

In short, our memorials can be pretty much any size you would like them to be however, here we have a size guide so you can see how big the majority of our regular stone sizes are.

A Grave Owner is the person who holds the ddeds to the plot/lair. In most cases this will be the person who arranged the original burial with the local authorities.

Yes, as long as the Grave Owner is willing to give you permission by signing the relevant paperwork.

Cemetery Fees depend on the local Council. The fee charges can vary dependant on the type of memorial/renovation. The fee may also be dependant on whether or not the deceased was a resident of the local area. We are able to find out what local fees may be included in your purchase.

No, we do this for you. We will apply for the relevant permission.